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So you survived the shipwreck, now its time to roll for your ability scores. Your character will have six ability scores and so you should roll 4d4 six times and then before you assign the results to the following scores: Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Perception, Strength, Willpower you may wish to look over the available classes and their requirements.

First to determine if you were a member of the crew or not you should compare your list of numbers to the requirements of the following classes: if you meet the requisites you can be a Fighter, Magic User, Mariner, or a Witch Hunter and you may now assign your numbers to your scores, if not continue to the next step.

If you couldn’t meet the requirements for either potential crew class, you should compare your list of numbers to the requirements of the following prisoner classes: Asssassin, Cultist, Death Master, or Thief

If don’t meet the requirements of any of the above classes, you must have been a poor doomed Plague Ridden wretch. Don’t worry, they aren’t as bad as they sound.

They automatically know the language of their homeland (to determine that language roll a d6: 1-2 Bezonian, 3 Chagatai, 4 Senzar, 5 Kazakh, 6 Duala). Characters gain either an extra language or literacy in a language that they know for every 2 points over ten their Intelligence score is. If two characters don’t share a common language they need to make Intelligence checks to communicate and can succeed automatically on any of these checks by spending an Intelligence point.

You should also roll a d6 to determine your social station.
6 Nobility gain +2 Constitution, Dexterity, or Intelligence.
5 Priests gain a +2 Perception or Willpower.
4 Warriors gain +2 Strength or Dexterity.
3 Merchants gain +2 Perception and 50 gp
2 Workers gain +2 Strength and 100 XP
1 Outcast gain 200 XP

To determine your hit points (and other class features), you should roll your hit die. If you wish you can always chose to lower your starting hit points to gain any special ability denoted by lower hp. For instance, if your playing a fighter you would roll a d8, if the die had rolled an 5, you have the option of reducing it to any lower number but can’t raise it to a higher number. Finally a characters hit points may not exceed their twice their Constitution score.

Constitution x 2 acts as a hit point cap, in addition to hit points (hp) characters can benefit from their armors durability points (dp). Essentially, toughest fighter in the best armor will never be able to take more than 60 damage (Con 20 × 2 + 20 dp). Undead creatures don’t tend to have Constitution scores and as such often have more hp that they did in life but without a Constitution score they cannot heal naturally.

AC is equal to the median of your Dexterity, Intelligence, and Perception scores. Neither the highest or lowest score but the one in between. Characters that wear armor gain the benefit of its ablative protection but armor also makes its wearer slower and easier to hit. Go to the equipment page to check it out.

For ease of reference here are the four advancement progressions: You gain XP by either spending gold (frivolous expenditures are encouraged) or by defeating monsters. A few classes have another way to gain XP.

  • Clerics level up each time they accumulate 2,000 XP
  • Fighters level up each time they accumulate 1,600 XP
  • Magic Users level up each time they accumulate 2,400 XP
  • Monsters level up each time they accumulate 3,000 XP
  • Thieves level up each time they accumulate 1,200 XP

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