Witch Doctor

Prime Requisite: Willpower
Requirements: Constitution 11+, Willpower 12+
Hit Dice d4
Save: As a cleric
Advance: As a cleric
Maximum level 9

Native mystics of Skull Island, the witch doctors are often the leaders of their tribal band during times of peace but turn over the reins of command to the warriors in times of war. Often female, witch doctors as they are known to the Mungo pirates of al-Khaimah are sometimes known as singers in the language of islanders.

Witch doctors are believed to be possessed by a powerful spirit either an ancestor or animal spirit that imbues the singer with powerful magic.

Restrictions: Witch doctors roll a four sided die for their hit points. Shaman’s may not wear armor but are proficient with all shields, spears, short bows, blowguns, nets, and swords.

Special Abilities: You should roll a d6 to determine the nature of your spirit guide: 1: Ancestor (1 extra Intelligence point and you gain a class ability from another class), 2: Devil Lizard (1 extra Constitution point and you can cast produce flame 1/day), 3: Dolphin (1 extra Strength point and swim speed equal to your speed), 4: Eagle (1 extra Perception point and you take no damage from falls of 20 feet per level or less as you learn to glide), 5: Monkey (1 extra Dexterity point and you automatically climb as long as Dexterity isn’t exhausted), or 6: Monster (1 extra Willpower point and either Snakemen or Mindflayers [choose one] ignore you unless you attack them). Witch doctors take 1 automatic damage each time they attack a creature related to their spirit guide (such as humans for Ancestor spirits unfortunately). Witch doctors can heal others but never themselves by taking a point of Constitution damage to produce spirit medicine, a bubbly concoction that can heal 1 point of damage to a living creature. If a witch doctor reduces their Constitution to zero in this manner they die. Lost Constitution points are recovered at at rate of 1 per day.
Further witch doctors have spirit sight so as long as their Perception is not exhausted witch doctors cannot be surprised and they automatically see approaching enemies unless those enemies are hidden in plain sight or invisible in which case the witch doctor is aware that someone is sneaking up on them but nothing more than that can be discerned without spending a Perception Point.

At first level and every subsequent level whenever a witch doctor rolls his hit die to determine his hit points and rolls a 3 or less he gains a special ability from the following list.
3. Spirit language: The witch doctor gains a supernatural ability to speak with creatures related to their spirit guide, the second time this ability is gained the witch doctor learns the high holy language of Zaum, and the third time this ability is rolled they gain telepathy with a range equal 50 feet x their level.
2. Spellcasting: Each time this ability is rolled, the witch doctor gains the ability to cast a single spell of a level equal to their current level or less. They must spend a Willpower point to cast the spell but can also prepare a potion of the spell by dissolving pure quartz in an herbal mixture without having to spend Willpower. They cannot learn more spells than their Intelligence score.
1. Skinwalking: A witch doctor can learn to assume the form of animal by spending a Willpower point. They gain the AC, attacks, movement modes, and special abilities of the new form but retain their own hit points, saves, and ability scores. The witch doctor must have the skin or hide of the animal in their possession to assume its form.

Witch Doctor

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