Vampire Spawn

Vampire Spawn
Prime Requisite: Willpower 11+
Requirements: Any class at level 1 or higher, and a Constitution score greater than 4. Must have had both your Strength and Constitution scores completely drained by a vampire during play.
Hit Dice d12
Save: As a magic user
Advance: As a monster
Maximum Level 6 + up to 9 levels of the class that they had in life.

Dwelling in the shadows and sewers of most large Imperial cities, there are two distinct types of vampires: Vampire Spawn and Master Vampires. Master Vampires are Vampire Spawn with a century or more of experience under their belt, and greater power than that which is available to the Vampire Spawn that the Master Vampires create. Master Vampires can have as many as 15 levels. It is the Master Vampires which rule their lesser spawn and long ago infiltrated the Instrumentality, the ruling council that now stewards the Imperial Throne since the death of the Emperor to keep the Empire from wiping out their kind.

Often these Master Vampires pose as reclusive aristocrats, either controlling a noble house by mentally dominating current heir or by posing as an immortal ancestor that directly commands his or her descendents and manipulates the familial loyalty that they feel for the Master Vampire. All the vampires that the Master creates are beholden to its will at least until they have been active for a hundred years, as are any vampires that those Vampire Spawn learn to create. Sometimes these Master Vampires will encourage a purge of the eldest spawn to prevent them from gaining their freedom, usually by employing a group of fearless vampire hunters. Vampire Spawn can temporarily resist the commands of the vampire that created them but eventually they are sufficiently worn down that they have little choice to obey.

Vampire Spawn retain the memories and skills that they possessed in life, and can continue to advance in their former class as long as they meet all the prerequisites, this requires the regular amount of XP that the next level of the old class would require or they can attempt to raise their Vampire Spawn level.

Restrictions: Vampire Spawn use a 12-sided (d12) to determine their hit points. They may continue to advance as the class that previously had before becoming a Vampire Spawn or they may gain up to six levels of the Vampire Spawn class. Vampire Spawn cannot digest fruit, grain, or vegetables subsisting instead on a diet of fresh blood (Str), and sometimes life energy (Con). Without a Constitution score, it is difficult for a Vampire Spawn to heal as they have no Constitution Points to spend to regain lost hp. Vampire Spawn can wear whatever armor they were proficient with before becoming a Vampire Spawn, as well as whatever weapons they were previously proficient with. Each night (or day of activity) Vampire Spawn must spend a Strength Point worth of blood or it suffers a cumulative -1d3 penalty to AC for each 12 hours it spends out of its coffin. Vampires often gorge themselves on blood to satisfy their hunger. Vampires cannot regain Ability Points without resting in a coffin or crypt.
Lastly, Vampire Spawn are beholden to the Vampire that created them and must spend a Willpower Point to disobey an order issued by their creator.

Special Abilities: If a Vampire Spawn is able to establish a grab or hold on a living creature, then on a subsequent turn they may attempt to bite and drain blood (inflicting 1d4 Strength damage, and restoring Strength Points equal to the damage inflicted plus one extra point for each level of Vampire Spawn). Vampire Spawn have a Supernatural Sense of Sight and Taste and can substitute a Strength Point for a Perception Point when attempting to See in the Dark or identify something by taste, especially blood. If a Vampire Spawn spends either a Strength or Perception Point to while drinking even a drop of blood they can learn 1d4 of the following things about the blood: what species the vessel was, how the blood left the vessel, how old the vessel was, how many hit points the vessel had when the blood was lost, any diseases the vessel had, or the last thing that the vessel saw (usually the face of its attacker). Vampire Spawn do not age, Vampire Spawn cannot heal normally as they do not have a Constitution score and can only gain Constitution Points by draining life force, and even then they cannot have more Constitution Points than their levels of Vampire Spawn.

Vampire Spawn take 1d6 damage for every minute or fraction of a minute that they are exposed to sunlight or running water. Vampire Spawn can spend one Strength Point to prevent the damage for five minutes. Vampire Spawn cast no reflection in mirrors, and any Invisibility spell cast on one last twice as long as it normally should. Vampire Spawn must spend a Willpower Point to enter a living creature’s dwelling without a formal invitation or to approach a symbol of divine power. Vampire Spawn suffer a -4 penalty to AC when on consecrated ground. When a character has been transformed into a Vampire, the change can be reversed within the first lunar month, after that time has eclipsed even magic that raises the dead back to life will only restore a destroyed vampire back to undeath.

When a character gains its first level of Vampire Spawn it loses its Constitution score, any Constitution Points it possessed due to that score, and must roll a d12 to determine its new hit points, should newly risen Vampire Spawn roll a 11 or less, it should consult the following chart to determine what special ability it gained.
1. The Vampire Spawn gains the Drain Life ability to drain Constitution Points from a living creature just by striking them as long as they have no Strength Points left. As long as the Vampire Spawn can land a blow or grab the target, the Vampire Spawn deals one point of Constitution damage, and gains a Constitution Point. A Vampire Spawn may have no more Constitution Points than he or she has levels in Vampire Spawn. Any creature that a Vampire Spawn drains to 0 Constitution Points in this way is also reduced to 0 hp and will likely die only to rise again as a Vampire Spawn under the first Spawn’s control.
2. The Vampire Spawn gains the Mist Form ability to spend a Willpower Point to transform into a cloud of mist, becoming effectively immune to all non-magical attacks. The Vampire Spawn is still vulnerable to running water and sunlight, can now fly, and maintain the new form for a number of hours equal to its levels of Vampire Spawn.
3. The Vampire Spawn gains Mesmeric Gaze ability and can now spend a Willpower Point to cast Charm on character with less Willpower Points than the Vampire Spawn. The Charm lasts for one day per Vampire Spawn level for every point the Vampire Spawn’s Willpower score exceeds the targets current Willpower Point total. The second time this result is gained, the Vampire Spawn can also cast Sleep with a similarly increased duration.
4. The Vampire Spawn gains the Unholy Resilience ability, and each round gains damage reduction equal to his or her side’s Initiative roll (1-6). This damage reduction can be overcome by holy water, blessed weapons, wooden stakes, and wooden tipped arrows or crossbow bolts.
5. The Vampire Spawn gains Transformation ability and can spend two Strength Points or one Willpower Point to change into one of the following forms chosen when this result is rolled: Giant Bat (can fly, and has Supernatural Hearing), Giant Spider (can climb walls, cling to ceilings, and inflict a Dexterity poison), or Wolf (has a claw 1d6/claw 1d6/bite 1d8 attack). The Transformation requires a full round to occur and a full round to turn back into a humanoid.
6. The Vampire Spawn gains the Supernatural Strength ability and can now carry twice as much as normal before becoming encumbered, plus if the Vampire Spawn spends a Strength Point to deal extra damage, the extra damage is a +1d8 instead of a +1d6. The second time this ability is gained, the multiplier increases to times three. The third time this ability is gained the damage die increases to +1d10.
7. The Vampire Spawn gains the Spider Climb ability and can scale walls effortlessly as long as his or her Dexterity is not exhausted.
8. The Vampire Spawn gains the Hide in Plain Sight ability. The second time this result is acquired, the Vampire Spawn can spend a Willpower Point to teleport as long as the destination is in total darkness and the Vampire Spawn is at least covered in shadow.
9. The Vampire Spawn gains the Move Silently ability. The second time this result is acquired, the Vampire Spawn takes only 1d6 damage per 100 feet fallen.
10. The Vampire Spawn can See Ghosts, and the second time this result is acquired he or she may also Speak with the Dead at will.
11. The Vampire Spawn gains the ability to store one extra Strength or Constitution Point each time this result is acquired.

Vampire Spawn

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