System Reference

Ability Scores (random roll determination + station modifier -10 = ability points, you can spend an ability point for an automatic success on related roll but this taxes the ability until you rest. For every hour you rest, you restore 1 point to each of your abilities).

  • Strength Points can be spent to add +1d6 damage or take an additional move action, or improve a Save vs. Breath Weapon. Each Strength point spent also reduces the character’s encumbrance by 100 coin weights (cn) or 10 pounds. Characters that exhaust their Strength have difficulty carrying, lifting and moving. Worse they cannot make attacks.
  • Dexterity Points can be spent to turn a hit into a miss, or turn a critical into a regular hit, or improve a Save vs. Paralysis/Petrify but penalize your current AC if spent by the amount spent. The AC penalty lasts until they have time to rest and recover their Dexterity points. Characters that exhaust their Dexterity tend to be clumsy and accident prone. They are also are easier to hit in combat.
  • Constitution Points can be spent to gain 4 hours of immunity to disease or to improve a Save vs Death/Poison, they can also be spent to regain 1 hp per point spent. This is how natural healing works. Characters not in combat can spent Constitution points to restore hp. Characters that exhaust their Constitution are prone to illness and have difficulty recovering from injury.
  • Intelligence Points can be spent to define setting elements that don’t provide immediate benefit, must also be spent to cast spells. Characters that exhaust their Intelligence have fail to remember facts and tend to forget things.
  • Perception Points can be spent to define scenery/combat terrain that provide benefits to the whole group for a single fight, they can also be spent to automatically succeed on Perception checks or to negate surprise. They can also be spent to improve Saves vs. Wands. Characters that exhaust their Perception tend to be easily surprised and to miss clues.
  • Willpower Points can be spent to improve Saves vs. Rod/Staff/or Spell, or break free of mind control, and may also be spent in place of any other ability point or to restore an exhausted ability returning 1 ability point to it. The score also serves as the TN for Intimidate and Morale checks. Characters that exhaust their Willpower can be more easily controlled or frightened.
  • Weapon Mastery: every three misses against a single target in the same fight makes the attack skill increase by +1, permanently. Characters start with no weapon mastery but it will improve over time. Its tracked separately for each weapon.

Armor reduces your AC by a certain amount but adds to its durability points your hit points. The added durability points or dp, are lost first, and can be regained by repairing the armor or replacing it. Normal repair work restores 1 lost dp for ever hour spent on the repair. Magical armor regenerates lost durability at a minimum rate of 1 point per round.

Any time a natural 20 is rolled, the character has scored a Critical hit, it deals double damage. It also deals 1 point of damage to the weapons durability. Every weapon has a number of durability points equal to half the die type of its damage die, when these durability points are exhausted the weapon breaks.

Abilities that are exhausted cannot be used, and any action that requires the ability score automatically fails. A Willpower Point can be spent either to allow for a successful casting or automatic success on a single action as normal.

Eight hours of rest and two meals are required to restore an exhausted ability. Each hour of rest restores 1 lost Ability Point to a taxed ability. Eight hours of rest also restore a number of hit points equal to your level as long as you have a Constitution score of 9 or more.

Action resolution order
1) Ranged attacks
2) Magic items (a magic sword attack gets resolved before a regular sword attack, likewise a pair of magic boots lets you move before anyone else)
3) Interaction checks (i.e. persuade/intimidate etc.)
4) Movement
5) Melee Attacks
6) Spells

System Reference

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