Prime Requisites: Dexterity and Intelligence
Requirements: Dexterity of 13+ and Intelligence of 11+ or vice versa, and Willpower of 11+
Hit Dice d6
Save: As a thief
Advance: As a magic user
Maximum level 9


Restrictions: Sharks use a six-sided die (d6) to determine their hit points. Sharks seldom wear armor and when they do it is only light armor, they never carry shields, but can use any one handed weapon including flintlocks. Some Sharks carry sharpened Tarot cards that they can throw which deal 1 point of damage each, most Sharks however consider them crass.

Special Abilities: Sharks always exude Confidence, this ability never lets others see them sweat. As long as a Shark’s Willpower is not exhausted, they cannot be caught in a lie even if they are unable to successfully convince the target of the ‘truth’ of their story. Additionally, they can ignore Morale checks as long as they have at least one Willpower point, and they can spend an Intelligence point to automatically succeed at any check to lie, persuade, or present false evidence or forged documents, and their target cannot help but be convinced unless he spends a Willpower point as if resisting mind control.

At the end of every combat round, a Shark may Deal with a Devil this ability lets them gamble on the result of the next Group Initiative roll by anteing up one Willpower point. The Shark then tries to guess whether the next Initiative roll will be higher or lower than the GM’s and what number it will be. If they guess the number correctly they can add it to their first action in the new round. If they guess which side will win the initiative roll correctly, the Shark gains a re-roll in the new round, but if both guesses are wrong they lose the Willpower point.

At first level and every additional Shark level, a Shark that rolls his or her hit die and gets less than the maximum result (i.e. 5 or less) gains an additional ability from the chart.
1. When this result is rolled, the Shark gains the Take a Chance ability which lets the Shark roll a second initiative die (d6) whenever it is his turn to roll the Group Initiative. If the second die result is higher than both the Group and the GM’s dice the Shark gets to add it to his AC until its his turn to roll for Initiative again, if the second die is higher than the GM’s die then he gets gains shield points equal to the roll which last until its his turn to roll for Initiative again, however if he rolls lower than the GM does, the Shark takes his turn with the monsters and other NPCs thus robbing him of the chance to coordinate his actions with the rest of the group.
2. When this result is rolled, the Shark gains the Play the Odds ability which lets him roll a second d20 and take the higher of the two dice except in the rare situation where they both show the same number in which case the roll fails regardless of what the rolls were.
3. When this result is rolled, the Shark gains the Lucky Strike ability which lets the Shark roll a second d6 for damage anytime he would only be able to normally roll 1d6 of damage for an attack and take the higher of the two except when they both come up as ones, in which case the attack is considered to have missed or when the two dice add up to seven which allows the Shark to spend a Willpower point to treat the attack as a critical hit.
4. When this result is rolled, the Shark gains the Cheat the Devil ability which lets him spend Dexterity points equal to the difference in the two initiative rolls to get out of a Deal with the Devil without having to lose a Willpower point but also forces the table to treat the initiative roll as a tie.
5. When this result is rolled, the Shark gains the Gamester ability to cheat at any game of chance, luck, or skill as long as either his Dexterity or Intelligence is not exhausted. Essentially, he can spend either Dexterity or Intelligence points to win, and even if he doesn’t spend any points he will always manage to break even unless he is completely out of both Dexterity and Intelligence points.


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