Morale checks

Morale checks are usually made by rolling a d20 against a target number of 15. Normally they are during a fight after one of the following conditions, and no more than three times during the encounter.

  • Opponents start a fight when the group does not wish to fight.
  • Opponents display vastly superior magic or fighting ability.
  • Opponents kill a significant number of the group in a single round.
  • Half the group is slain or incapacitated.
  • The group’s leader is slain or incapacitated.

When creatures fail a morale check they usually run away. If they can’t run, they gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls to fight back. If fighting isn’t an option, and death seems inevitable the creature will commit suicide.

Under any of the following conditions, a creature making a Morale check gains a +2 bonus to the roll. These conditions are not cumulative except with the bonus granted by a Fighter.

  • Fighting with no escape route.
  • Fighting to defend one’s home or lair.
  • Fighting to defend loved ones or innocents.
  • The expectation that the enemy will slay or torture prisoners if victorious.
  • A creature is fighting for reasons of desperation (e.g. extreme hunger or maddening pain).

A character can spend a Willpower point to automatically succeed at a Morale check.

Morale checks

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