Prime Requisites: Dexterity and Strength.
Requirements: Strength 13+, Dexterity 13+, and Constitution of 11+
Hit Dice d8
Save: As a fighter
Advance: As a fighter
Maximum level 15

The Empire can field massive armies. From noble knights to peerless archers the Imperial army is both vast and varied. In this time of turmoil many career soldiers have turned criminal when their masters refused to pay them. Still other fighters are still employed by loyal Imperials and serve as guards on the prison ships. Decide for yourself if you remained loyal and law abiding, broke some law or were even framed by a jealous rival.

The fighters stationed aboard the prison ship were armed with a two handed great scimitar, a short bow, a quiver of 1d12 arrows, a buckler shield, a coat of jacks, and 3d6 x 10 gold pieces worth of personal possessions in a water proof sack. While those fighters that were imprisoned aboard the ship were stripped of their possessions before being loaded on the ship and start with nothing.

Restrictions: Fighter use an eight sided die (d8) for hit points. Fighters can wear any armor or shield, and can use any weapon.

Special Abilities: A fighter is an incomparable warrior that can always spend a Dexterity Point to make an additional melee or missile attack once each round, if they have no Dexterity Points remaining the can substitute Willpower Points. Additionally, every time a fighter consecutively misses the same target twice in a row their weapon mastery with whatever weapon they are using increases by +1. Finally, fighters are inspirational figures on the battlefield, as long as none of the fighter’s abilities are exhausted, all of the fighters companions or followers gain a +2 bonus to Morale checks. This bonus is cumulative for each fighter on the battlefield.

At first level and every subsequent level whenever a fighter rolls his hit die to determine his hit points and rolls a 7 or less he gains a special ability from the following list.
7. When this result is rolled the fighter gains the ability to make cleaves. Anytime a fighter’s attack slays a foe, the attack also deals damage to an adjacent enemy or another enemy in range in the case of missile attacks as the arrow cleaves right through the first target. If this result is rolled again, the fighter gains 7 hp as normal but no additional abilities.
6. When this result is rolled the fighter gains the brawny ability. Which lets him maximize the damage on any damage die he rolls once per turn as long as he has not exhausted his Strength. The first time it is rolled it only affects d4s, then next time d6s, and so on all the way up to d12s.
5. When this result is rolled the fighter gains the maneuver ability which allows him to trade damage dealt by his attack for an attack penalty to the targets next attack or reduce the targets movement by 1 foot per point of damage exchanged. Each time this result is rolled the penalty lasts for an additional attack or move.
4. The first time this result is rolled the fighter gains the parry ability which allows the fighter to react to an attack by making a melee attack roll, the attack roll replaces his AC until the start of his next turn. Each additional time this result is rolled, the fighter gains a +1 bonus to his parry attempts.
3. The first time this result is rolled the fighter gains the defend ability which allows the fighter to rush to the aid of a nearby creature within a number of feet equal to the fighter’s Perception score that was just attacked, redirecting the attack to the fighter. Each additional time this result this rolled, it increases the fighter’s AC against redirected attacks.
2. The first time this result is rolled the fighter gains the inspirational shout ability which allows the fighter to spend a Constitution Point to give an ally +1d8 hit temporary points. Each additional time this result is rolled, it increases the temporary hit points by +1. As normal, if a fighter lacks Constitution Points he can substitute Willpower Points.
1. Each time this result is rolled the fighter gains one use of the crushing blow ability per encounter. The crushing blow ability allows a fighter to add his Strength score to the damage dealt to a single melee attack as long as he makes only one attack per round and his Strength is not exhausted.

9th level fighters often join the ranks of the nobility either through adoption or marriage. They also gain the title of lord, the deed to plot of land, and can attract 9-72 followers who help them build a keep to defend their lands. Alternatively, you can assemble an army of humanoids equal to your level multiplied by either your Strength or Willpower score and can train a cadre between 9 and 72 elite troops. Your army would allow you to conquer other lands and besiege fortresses.

Titles by Level
1. Veteran
2. Warrior
3. Corsair
4. Swordmaster
5. Hero
6. Swashbuckler
7. Myrmidon
8. Champion
9. Lord


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