Economic Centers on the Skull Island

The tribal bands of the Shrunken Head live on the Eastern side of the island. They revere snakemen as gods and covet pure quartz above all else. The pirates of the port of al-Khaimah know the Shrunken Head people as rowdy celebrators that throw week long festivals to honor the full moon or just about any occasion, for in there own language of Gygaxian, they are called the “Happy” folk. Gold limit 100. No purchase of any single item or service can exceed the gold limit.

The degenerate tribe of the Head Hunters dwell in caves to the North side of the island, they worship monsters that live in the ground and sacrifice the heads of their enemies to appease the monsters. The Head Hunters can be distracted by shiny gems or gold coins, have an insatiable desire for slaves, and are willing to trade the demon rum that the Head Hunters distill deep in the earth for golden baubles. Most Head Hunters can speak a debased form of Gygaxian but their cultists and witch doctors communicate in Pnakotic. Gold limit 250. No purchase of any single item or service can exceed the gold limit.

The wretched pirate port of the al-Khaimah lies in a secret cove on the south west side of the island. Like most Mungo pirates in the sea of Plunder they covet gold and rum above all else, the demon rum produced by the Head Hunter tribe is a particular favorite. Demon rum fetches a high price off the island for its particular properties restore 1d6 – 2 Constitution points per bottle as well as being highly intoxicating and mildly hallucinogenic. The pirates of al-Khaimah speak a smattering of every language known to man, call everyone Jack, live their lives by a pirate code, and are should never be trusted.

Al-Khaimah is the only place on the island where non-natives can trade for manufactured goods, and purchase magical items taken from plundered Imperial boats, when the natives acquire such things they are loath to give them up, instead they often treat them as holy relics. Gold limit 1,750. No purchase of any single item or service can exceed the gold limit.

Economic Centers on the Skull Island

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