Prime Requisites: Intelligence and Perception
Requirements: Intelligence or Perception of 13+ and the other at 11+
Hit Dice d6
Save: As a cleric
Advance: As a thief
Maximum level 9

Restrictions: Bonepickers use a six sided die (d6) to determine their hit points. They can use any one handed missile weapon including a flintlock, as well as daggers, knives, razors, scalpels, shanks, and shivs. They are not proficient with any shields except for those made of junk that they scavenge up (which never have more shield points than half their Bonepicker level, minimum of 0) but they can wear any armor that they can lay their grubby hands on.

Special Abilities: Bonepickers are excellent Hagglers and once per week can pull the wool over the eyes of a buyer and fleece them for twice the worth of an item or more by spending an Intelligence Point, with each multiplier of increase costing an additional Intelligence Point. Remember you get 1 XP for each gold piece spent buying items but not for selling them. Additionally, once per day when in a market place, they can find a single non-unique item at a discount equal to 10% per Bonepicker level.

Bonepickers possess the Scavenger ability which lets them make a Perception check to find discarded or secondhand items in urban environments, or by dredging a river, harbor, or picking through piles of dungeon refuse. Exactly what they find is randomly determined: evenly numbered rolls of 10+ recover clothing, odd rolls of 11+ can reveal weapons, food, or even more specific items such as intact shields. Regardless whatever they recover never has more than 1d4 durability points left and no matter how unappetizing never makes the Bonepicker who found it sick. Bonepickers can also spend a Perception Point to find a specific item which has 1d4+1 durability points left instead of rolling to find a random item.

Finally, at first level and each subsequent level when a Bonepicker rolls his or her hit dice and acquires a roll less than the maximum (i.e. a 5 or less) the character gains an additional ability from the following chart.
1. The Bonepicker gains the Faith Healing ability allowing her to spend a Willpower Point to cast the cleric spell Cure Light Wounds on anyone that worships the same god as she does. Those who falsely claim to worship the same god regain temporary hit points that merely last for one round per Bonepicker level. This ability has no affect on the undead.
Additionally, each time this result is acquired, the Bonepicker gains the ability to cast another 1st level cleric spell, again by spending a Willpower Point.

2. The Bonepicker gains the Remedy ability allowing her to Scavenge for the ingredients to a potion that bestows a +2 bonus to saves against a particular ailment, poison, or illness. This is always a difficulty of at least 13.
3. The Bonepicker gains the Staunch and Splint ability allowing her to set broken bones and staunch minor wounds. By spending one Perception Point, the Bonepicker may restore 1 lost hp to a wounded character but cannot restore more than half of their hit points in this manner. Each time this result is acquired the Staunch and Splint ability restores +1 hp per Perception Point spent to a maximum of the Bonepicker’s level. This ability affects undead normally.
4. The Bonepicker gains the Cutpurse ability which allows them to steal from a target without being noticed as long as the Bonepicker’s Dexterity is not exhausted and they make a successful Dexterity check with a difficulty equal to the target’s current Perception Points +5. Each time this result is acquired the difficulty is reduced by one.
5. The Bonepicker gains Odious Personal Hygiene 1d3 which lets the Bonepicker inflict a 1d3 penalty to all melee attack rolls, and checks on anyone in close proximity that does not possess an Odious Personal Hygiene, which costs the Bonepicker an action (in the Interaction phase if initiative is tied). Those that suffer from the stench can spend a Willpower Point to negate the penalty, otherwise the penalty lasts until the group loses the Initiative. By spending a Constitution Point, the Bonepicker can turn this into a ranged attack effectively spewing projectile vomit on a single target within a number of feet equal to the Bonepicker’s Constitution score. Each additional time this result is acquired the die increases a step to a maximum of 1d10. This ability has never inflicts a penalty greater than -2 on the undead.


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