Black Blade of Blood

magic sword

weapon (melee)

One handed weapon, deals 1d10 damage, has a durability of 5, and becomes lodges into the body of any living foe that it deals 6 or more damage to, draining them of 1 Constitution point each round until its pulled free which requires a Strength roll with a difficulty equal to 10 plus the damage dealt. When the black blade is pulled free, the wielder gains hp equal to the Constitution points drained.

One lost durability point is restored each time the sword strikes a killing blow, this can negate the damage incurred by a critical hit if the crit results in the death of a living creature.

Each time the black blade of blood is used to injure a living creature, if the damage dealt plus ten exceeds than the wielders Willpower score, the wielder flies into a bloodthirsty rage and cannot stop attacking the same target until it is dead or the wielder spends a Willpower point to snap out of it.


Black Blade of Blood

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