The unexpected death of the Emperor sent shock waves through the Empire of the Known World. Succession was a muddled mess for the Emperor had twelve wives, each a member of one of the ten great houses, thirteen legitimate children, and countless more bastards.

The Instrumentality had stepped in to restore order and decided to round up all undesirables. They loaded the dissidents, outlaws, rebels, the poor and the sick, onto prison ships to get rid of them.


This is how you came to be aboard a prison ship bound for the Edge of the World. Crammed into the hold with hundreds of other prisoners, chained together in ankle deep water and excrement.


Last night there was a storm, and the ship was dashed against the rocks. The crew unlocked the chains and there was a mad dash to flee the ship. Many were lost to the sea.


The next morning you awoke on the shore of a strange island far from the Empire that you knew. Do you remember why you were aboard the prison ship? Were you a member of its crew or one of the prisoners in the hold?


Now its time to determine what class you are, take a look at the wiki to see what classes there are.

Shipwrecked on Skull Island