Witch Hunter

Prime Requisite: Willpower
Requirements: Intelligence 11+, Willpower 13+
Hit Dice d6
Save: As a cleric
Advance: As a cleric
Maximum level 15

Witch Hunters are employed by the Imperial Instrumentality to hunt and track the abhorrent practitioners of proscribed magic. The blackest and most condemned mystics are the necromantic cult of the Death Masters, followed only by the mad cults of the Outer Darkness, the inherently self-destructive Abyssal murder cults, and the diabolic tempters of Infernal cult. The Instrumentality is the religious and scholarly organization that rules over the Empire now that the Emperor is dead and none of his thirteen heirs has a clear claim to the throne. It is also the Instrumentality that keeps the Great Houses from plunging the Empire into another civil war. Toward that end, the Instrumentality has decreed that all dissidents, heretics, and rebels be rounded up, and banished, and the witch hunters are their chosen agents in this matter.

Witch hunters combine tracking skill with a knowledge of mysticism and forbidden magic. All are avid students of arcane lore, and have trained themselves to track down spell casters, undead, and outsiders. The Witch Hunters act as enforcers for the Instrumentality. Witch hunters cover themselves in tattoos of sacred adjurations to protect themselves against those they hunt.

Those hunters stationed aboard the prison ships were supposed to serve as insurance against the cargo taking control of the vessel. They were equipped with a cutlass emblazoned with a holy symbol of their order, a flintlock pistol with 1d4 bullets and 1d4 starfire rubies, lamellar armor, a regular shield, and 3d6 x 10 gold pieces worth of personal belongings in a water proof sack.

Restrictions: witch hunters use six-sided dice (d6) to determine their hit points. Because of their need to travel with speed, they wear no armor heavier than lamellar armor, though they may carry shields. They may use any type of weapon. They may achieve a maximum of 15th level of experience. They may use any magic item not restricted to a specific class.

Special Abilities: witch hunters have the ability to track and read tracks. This ability is always unerringly successful. Witch hunters can be especially helpful when fighting aberrations, undead, and outsiders. They may ward off such monsters by spending a Willpower point during the interaction phase of combat. A warded creature may not approach or attack the Witch hunter as long as he spends his action each round to maintain the ward and does not attack the warded creature. Finally, a Witch hunter can always produce fire as the spell as long as their Willpower has not been exhausted.

At 1st level and every subsequent level when the Witch hunter rolls his hit die to determine his hit points and rolls a 5 or less he gains a special ability from the following list:
5. The first time he rolls this result, he can find traps. The second time he rolls this result he can also set snares.
4. The first time he rolls this result, he gains the warding circle ability. With sufficient time a Witch hunter can prepare a ward around a building or within a room that blocks spells and bars entry by aberrations, undead, and outsiders (such as devils and demons). Creating a such a ward requires 1 hour for every ten feet and material components worth gold pieces equal to 10 minus the characters current Willpower Point total, and lasts for a number of days equal to the characters Willpower score. Each additional time this result is rolled the cost of the material components is reduced by 2 gold pieces or the time required is halved.
3. The Witch hunter gains spell-like ability that they can use once per week by spending an Intelligence Point. Pick one of the following spells: create food, commune, cure blindness, cure disease, or cure serious wounds.
2. The Witch hunter gains spell-like ability that they can use once per day by spending an Intelligence Point. Pick one of the following spells: create water, cure light wounds, dispel evil, hold person or locate object.
1. The Witch hunter gains spell-like ability that they can use at will without spending any ability points whatsoever. Pick one of the following spells: detect magic, detect undead, detect poison, light or read magic.

Spells: witch hunters cast spells as a cleric of approximately half their level. The cannot learn more spells than their Intelligence score. To cast a spell they must spend an Intelligence point. They cannot cast reversed spells.

At 3rd level, a witch hunter can denounce magic by chanting a warding incantation. As long as they spend the interaction phase of initiative chanting the ward, all spells cast within hear shot of the caster cost an additional ability point. A deaf caster is immune to this effect.

At 4th level, a witch hunter can make a second melee attack once per round by spending a Dexterity point.

At 5th level, a witch hunter gains improved warding magic that they can ward off aberrations, undead and outsiders a number of times a day equal to their level, if they exceed this allotment they must spend a Willpower Point for each additional use.

At 7th level, a witch hunter learns how to force a possessing entity such as a demon, devil, or ghost to take physical form by performing an exorcism this requires the witch hunter to enter a contest of wills with the possessor, and each round both the witch hunter and the possessor can make a d20 roll with a bonus equal to their current Willpower points against their opponents Willpower, if successful the winner can reduce the loser Willpower points by 1. If the witch hunter’s Willpower is exhausted, then the possessing entity can leave its host and take over the witch hunter, and if the possessors Willpower is exhausted, it leaves its host and assumes a physical form that can be destroyed by violence.

At 9th level, a witch hunter is elected the Grand Master Inquisitor and may found a new order or crusade attracting no less than 15-54 followers who endeavor to construct and consecrate a temple dedicated to your cause. Alternatively, you can start a crusade and raise an army of zealots equal to your Willpower score x your level.

Titles by Level
1. Zealot
2. Fanatic
3. Denouncer
4. Crusader
5. Inquisitor
6. Witch Finder
7. Exorcist
8. Witch Hunter
9. Grand Inquisitor

Witch Hunter

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