Prime Requisite: Dexterity, Perception
Requirements: Dexterity 12+, Perception 12+
Hit Dice d4
Save: As a thief
Advance: As a thief
Maximum level 9

The recent unrest that has gripped the Empire was triggered by the untimely death of the Emperor. Though some whisper it was actually an assassination, whatever the truth, it has caused the Imperial Instrumentality to take steps to stabilize society. As far as you know the first step was rounding up all the prisoners, step two was loading them on ships, and step three was closing the prisons. Until today, you were one such thief bound for the Edge of the World. Except your ship sank and stranded you on Skull Island. Back in the guild you’d heard rumors that the pirates of the Flayed Lady operated from a hidden pirate haven somewhere in these seas, perhaps you can find them and trade for passage back home.
During the escape you managed to salvage 3d6 gold pieces worth of equipment from the ship.

Restrictions: Thieves may use any one-handed weapon, and may use light armor. Since they must travel lightly in order to use their abilities they may not use two-handed weapons or shields larger than bucklers. Thieves may use any missile weapon.

Special Abilities: Thieves can flawlessly pick pockets and cut purses succeeding automatically as long as their Dexterity is not exhausted and their Dexterity score exceeds the target’s Perception score. If the target’s Perception exceeds their Dexterity they must spend Dexterity Points to make up the difference in order to remain undetected. Thieves are also trained to have superb situational awareness, as long as their Perception is not exhausted they cannot be surprised and they automatically hear approaching enemies unless those enemies are moving silently in which case the thief is aware that someone is sneaking up on them but nothing more than that can be discerned without spending a Perception Point.

At first level and every subsequent level whenever a thief rolls his hit die to determine his hit points and rolls a 3 or less he gains a special ability from the following list.
3. The first time you roll this result you gain the move silently ability as long as you are not encumbered by more than 600 coins weight you never make a sound. The second time you roll this ability you gain the hide in plain sight ability, once per turn if you do nothing else you may hide in plain sight. You are effectively hidden even if you are in the open without any cover. Hide in plain sight only works as long as you are not encumbered and your Dexterity has not become exhausted.
2. The first time you roll this result you gain the find traps ability, once you have the find traps ability you can always find traps when you look for them as long as your Perception is not exhausted. The second time you roll this ability you gain the disable traps ability which allows you to disable any trap or open any lock by spending a Perception Point as long as you have in your possession a set of lock picks or tools that can be improvised as such.
1. The first time you roll this result choose a single race or kind of monster, from now on you can back stab creatures of that species because of your knowledge of its weaknesses. As long as the creature is not aware of you or has just attacked someone else you may attempt to back stab them. You gain a +2 bonus to hit, and if successful deal double damage. Each time additional time you roll this result, you may choose to expand your knowledge of weak points to include an entirely different race or monster.

At 5th level, you gain the ability to spend a Dexterity Point to make an additional melee attack once each round.

At 7th level, you gain the ability to double either your Dexterity Points or your Perception Points but not both. Once you have chosen to specialize in one ability you may never change to the other.

At 9th level, you gain control of a thieves guild and can attract a number followers such as pick pockets, prostitutes, and thugs equal to your Intelligence or Willpower score multiplied by your level. You likely take over an existing building, converting it into your guild hall, and start extorting nearby businesses for protection.

Titles by level
1. beggar
2. footpad
3. cutpurse
4. robber
5. burglar
6. filcher
7. rogue
8. thief
9. master thief


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