Plague Ridden

Prime Requisite: None.
Requirements: No ability score above 15.
Hit Dice d4
Save: As a magic user
Advance: As a thief
Maximum level 15

The plague ridden were humans that contracted an incurable disease and out of mercy were banished from the Empire. Little is know about the plague other than its effects which are hideous and horrible. Those that succumb to the disease do not die. Instead, they live on in a horrid parody of life. becoming emaciated and pale, they suffer fits of vomiting as their body sheds all its fat until they are little more than lanky bags of bones. The also lose the ability to digest vegetable matter and cooked meat.

Those plague ridden that manage to adapt to the illness eventually become indistinguishable from the undead. Immortal monstrosities that thrive in dark places.

All the plague ridden that were loaded into the prison ship were locked up in the deepest darkest hold in the ship and forgotten about by the crew, who feared contracting the plague from interacting with them. Few were expected to survive the journey and in a way the ship wreck is a blessing in disguise. Those that make it to shore are starved, and they’re highest score has been exhausted from lack of food.

Restrictions: Plague Ridden use 4-sided dice (d4) to determine their hit points at least at first. They may advance to the 9th level of experience. A Plague Ridden character cannot possess any ability score above 15. Characters with ability scores equal to 16 or greater are immune to the plague. Finally, the Plague Ridden cannot digest fruit, grain, or vegetables. They can only subsist on a steady diet of meat. Plague Ridden cannot wear armor effectively over their boil and carbuncle covered skin. They tend to use one-handed weapons and can use shields if they can afford them.

Special Abilities: Plague ridden are immune to all other diseases besides the plague that they suffer from. Once at first level, and again at every subsequent level whenever a plague ridden character rolls his hit die to determine hit points and rolls a 3 or less they gain a special ability from the following table.
3. The first time you roll this result, you become extremely infectious and can spread the plague with a touch. Creatures subjected to physical contact with the plague ridden’s skin or bodily fluids contract the plague unless they spend a Constitution Point for 4 hours of immunity or they possess an ability score of 16 or more. Plague ridden creatures never attack other plague ridden nor can they gain sustenance from eating infected flesh. Each additional time you roll this result you reduce the effective immunity granted by spending a Constitution Point by one hour, so if you get this result five times spending Constitution Points provides no protection from the plague. Additionally, any character that that has a class other than plague ridden when they contract the plague can’t advance further in that class and instead advance as a plague ridden.
2. The first time you roll this result, you gain a scratch attack. The scratch attack deals 1d2 damage. Anyone that they subject to their bite or scratch loses a Dexterity Point, and if they have no Dexterity Points to lose they must make a save vs. paralysis or suffer paralysis for 1 round. Note that the target can always spend a Dexterity Point to negate the attack and thus the damage, however if the target doesn’t negate the attack, then they lose the Dexterity point anyway. The second time you roll this result you gain a bite attack which deals 1d6 damage, and the third time you roll this result you gain a second scratch attack. You may choose to bite once or scratch twice as a single attack.
1. The first time you roll this result, you gain the ability to consume the dead, you suffer no ill effects from eating rotting flesh and gain XP equal to one quarter the creatures XP value in life when you consume it. The second time you roll this result, you gain immunity all poisons and you gain infravision with a range equal to their perception score in yards. The third time you roll this result, you die and rise again as an undead creature.

When you become an undead creature, your hit dice graduate to d12s and your hit points can now exceed your Constitution score which you lose. You no longer need to breathe, eat, or sleep. You gain no benefit from resting, only from eating the dead. You no longer age. They also gain the ability to unerringly track living creatures scent over any terrain except running water. When they consume the dead, they regain hp, small and tiny corpses restore 1 hp, medium and large corpses restore 2 hp, and huge corpses restore 3 hp.
You keep their current hit point total for this level and your remaining levels you can roll a d12 instead of a d4 and add the number rolled to their hit points. Each time that they roll this d12 hit die and the result is a 6 or less, they gain an additional special ability from the following list:

6. You emit a putrid odor that sickens living creatures within 10 feet. Each time you gain this result the radius of the odor increases by 10 feet. Sickened creatures move at half their normal speed, can’t cast spells, and suffer a -4 penalty to attack rolls. A character can spend a Constitution Point to negate being sickened.

5. The paralysis inflicted by your bite or scratch increases its duration from 1 round to 1d3 rounds. Each time you gain this result, increase the duration by another round i.e. 1d3+1.

4. You gain a projectile vomit special ability. Once per round you may spend a Strength Point to spew vomit in a line 10 feet long as a missile attack. Any creature caught in the line must spend a Constitution Point or lose their next turn.

3. Your flesh stiffens, becoming resistant to damage. your AC increases by +1. Each time this result is rolled, increase its AC by +1.

2. You gain a Fear attack; once per round as an action you may spend a Willpower Point to interrupt the normal initiative order to force living enemies within 50 feet to make a Morale check with a difficulty equal to the higher of your Strength or Willpower scores (essentially the Morale check is resolved prior to missile attacks). If they fail, they must spend a Willpower Point or run away.

1. You can raise your Dexterity, Strength or Willpower score by +2 up to a maximum of 15. If all three of those abilities are already at 15, you can instead improve your unarmed weapon mastery (bite) or (scratch) by +1.

When a plague ridden reaches level 5, he or she can make a second bite or two more scratch attacks by spending a Dexterity Point.

When a plague ridden character reaches level 9, they can declare themselves a Bone King and attract 9 to 108 cannibal cultists, undead, and other plague ridden who construct an underground warren to worship their new “king” where they can sacrifice living creatures to open bone gate to the Abyss.

Titles by level
1. wretch
2. sufferer
3. victim
4. accursed
5. deviant
6. cannibal
7. savage
8. plague ridden
9. bone king
Each level after 9, you continue to gain hit points and class features until you reach level 15.

Plague Ridden

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