Prime Requisite: Dexterity.
Requirements: Constitution 11+, Dexterity 13+, and Perception 11+
Hit Dice d6
Save: As a fighter
Advance: As a fighter
Maximum level 9

The Empire flourished under the last Emperor due to his excellent trade policies. Alas the only thing its current rulers want to export is a human cargo of diseased wretches, criminals, and exiles. Mariners are the talented seafarers that guide ships across the vast seas that surround and bisect the Empire. Some mariners become merchant princes, others become naval captains or pirates.

You were serving aboard a prison ship, more commonly known as a prison hulk that was transporting its unwanted human cargo across the pirate infested Sea of Plunder when the ship was caught in great squall, never the most sea worth of vessels it began to take on water, the captain ordered some of the prisoners released to assist with carrying buckets of water from the bildge and dumping it over the side. As the fog rolled in, the storm worsened, and before you knew it, the ship was dashed across the rocks that surround the dreaded Skull Island. The isle is normally surrounded in swirling clouds of smoke and ash from the Demon Horns, two great volcanoes that lie on the isle. Rumor has it that the isle is infested by giant monsters and best avoided at all costs. Rumor also has it that the wretched pirate port of the al-Khaimah, the sole provider of “Demons rum” in the seven seas.

The mariners that crewed the prison hulk were outfitted with a jabiya dagger, a buckler, a billowy ruffled shirt, a great coat, a pair of shalwar pants, and either a compass, a cutlass or a flintlock with 10 bullets and 2d10 starfire rubies, 50 feet of coarse rope, and 3d6 x 10 gp worth of personal property.

Restrictions: a mariner uses a six sided die (d6) for his hit dice. Mariners are restricted to coat of jacks armor, clubs, cutlasses, jabiya daggers, flintlocks, harpoons, spears, and buckler shields. They also know how to best wield shipboard weapons such as ballistas, cannons, catapults, harpax, great mirrors of Cyracuis, and rams.

Special Abilities: a mariner can always effortless climb any rope or clamber up or down any structure and never loses his balance as long as their Dexterity is not exhausted. Mariners also never suffer from exposure, nausea, or sea sickness as long as their Constitution isn’t exhausted. Further, as long as the mariner’s Perception isn’t exhausted and he can see the sky he can determine the time of day or night, his approximate latitude/longitude, and can navigate a ship across the sea or orient himself on land. This ability only works indoors when the character spends a Perception Point. Finally, a mariner can spend a Perception Point when piloting a boat to use his expert knowledge of currents, sails, and the wind to boost its speed by 10% for every class level he possesses, this boost doesn’t stack with the boosts provided by any other mariner aboard the ship, only the highest boost counts.
The boost lasts from sun down to sun up, doesn’t work if the ship has become floundered, and never works during the day.

At first level and every subsequent level whenever a mariner rolls his hit die to determine his hit points and rolls a 5 or less he gains a special ability from the following list.
5. When this result is rolled, the mariner gains access to sea lore. A mariner can make a level check with a bonus equal to each time the mariner has gained this ability in order to know about famous ships, fabled treasures, creatures of the deep, particular seas, fast currents, trade routes, and where to find dangerous shoals or safe harbors.
4. When this result is rolled, the mariner gains the marlinspike ability, characters with the marlinspike ability can make ropes dance to their tune, tie or untie any knot. The second time this ability is rolled the mariners’ marlinspike improves such that he can cast animate rope at will by spending either a Dexterity Point or Perception Point.
3. When this result is rolled, the mariner gains the jury rigging ability. This allows the mariner to temporarily repair damaged objects. The repair lasts until the object takes 1 point of damage or for 24 hours. Each time this result is rolled, the repair lasts for an additional 24 hours or until it takes an additional point of damage. If the object’s durability is linked to a pool of points, such as in the case of shields, jury rigging can only ever restore 1 point to the pool.
2. When this result is rolled, the mariner is able to improve his weapon mastery with any one handed weapon by +1.
1. Each time this result is rolled, the mariner gains the luck ability which grants a single reroll on any attack or save once per day. The mariner can also force an enemy to reroll an attack that hit him or a single save that the enemy makes. He cannot force someone to reroll a natural 20. Unfortunately, engaging in any unlucky behavior also expends a daily reroll, such as breaking a mirror, or killing an albatross.

At 3rd level, the mariner gains the ability to spend a Dexterity Point to make an additional melee attack or a Perception Point to make an additional missile attack once, per round.

At 5th level, no ship that the mariner pilots will ever flounder (lose the current/winds) and if it ever founders (sinks) none of crew or the passengers will drown provided that its captain goes down with it.

At 7th level, the mariner acquires his own ship and crew, gaining the title of captain.

At 9th level, the mariner acquires a fleet of ships numbering no less than the combination of his Constitution, Dexterity, Perception, and Willpower Points, and is awarded the title of merchant prince, naval admiral, or pirate king depending on his circumstances and inclinations.

Titles by Level
1. deck hand
2. sea dog
3. sailor
4. mate
5. pilot
6. navigator
7. captain
8. mariner
9. admiral, merchant prince, or pirate king


Shipwrecked on Skull Island mrlost