Magic User

Prime Requisites: Intelligence
Requirements: Intelligence of 14+
Hit Dice d4
Save: As a magic user
Advance: As a magic user
Maximum level 9

The Empire has benefited greatly from precious scraps of magical knowledge left over from the Hyborian Age. However, the last Emperor did not trust sorcery or its users and established the Instrumentality to council him on how best to rule his people without succumbing to the temptation to rely on magic or the wisdom of its practitioners who often know that which man was not meant to know. The Instrumentality is made up of learned men from scholars to priests. It was the Instrumentality that banned the study of certain schools of magic such as calling, conjuration, and necromancy. It was also the Instrumentality that trained the witch hunters to enforce this decree. The witch hunters help maintain order in the magical world by hunting down heretics who know things that the Instrumentality have decided is too dangerous to know.

Recently however the Emperor died. Whether his death was natural or the result of an assassination is not clear. What is clear is that the Instrumentality has taken control of the Empire and they are not overly fond of magic users, and you either decided to take your leave by joining the crew of a prison ship bound for the Edge of the World or were banished for knowing too much.

Restrictions: Magic-users may not wear armour or use shields and may not use most weapons. The only weapons they may use are daggers, staves, slings, whips, flintlock pistols, nets and blowguns. They are also limited to learning no more spells than their Intelligence score.

Special Abilities: At first level and every subsequent magic user level a magic user who rolls her hit die gets a result of 3 or less gains a special ability from the following list:
3. You discover the secret of magical healing. Once per day, you may transfer 1 of your hit points to any injured living creature by tracing a magic rune on its body or drain a helpless living creature of 1 hp which can restore 1 of your lost hp by tracing a different rune. Each time you roll this result you can perform one additional transfer per day.
2. You discover the secret of spell components. Once per day, you may toss one coin weight of diamond dust per spell level into the air (where it explodes) to cast a spell without spending an Intelligence point. Each time you roll this result you can perform this substitution one more time per day to a maximum number of times equal to your level. One coin weight of diamond dust is worth 10 gp. So to cast a 3rd level spell in this manner you are expending 30 gp worth of diamond dust which bursts into a white hot flame that burns at 1700 degrees for one second, creating a bright flash of light and a puff of smoke. The exploding diamond dust can be used to deal damage to a single target who is forced to save vs. breath weapon or take 1d4 fire damage per spell level.
1. You discover the secret of magic auras. Each time you cast a spell you gain a number of aura points equal to the spell level, these aura points let you manipulate how the spell manifests. You may spend 1 aura point to change the appearance of any spell you cast including the one you cast to gain the points, 2 aura points let you maximize one die of damage dealt by any spell you cast, 3 aura points let you exclude any one creature from the area of effect of any spell you cast, 4 aura points let double the duration of any spell you cast, and 5 aura points let you hide the effects of your spell so that it doesn’t even register as magical. You can gain no more aura points than half your Perception score, rounded up, they fade at a rate of 1 per round if not used, and as long as you have at least one aura point you gain an aura sight ability to detect magic at will, you can also spend Perception points to detect creatures hidden by magic (such as the invisibility spell). The second time you get this result, your aura sight improves to mage sight that lets you see in total darkness from the light shed by magical items and effects, and finally the third time you roll this result you gain a sense arcana ability that let you know when someone speaks your name, you also learn their gender, species, approximate distance from you, you also hear a number of words equal to your level that they say after your name, and finally if you spend a Perception point catch a glimpse of their face. All three of these abilities only persist for a short time after casting a spell.

Spells: A 1st level magic user begins the game knowing 1d4 1st level spells, and may acquire more during their travels either by discovery or deliberate research. As the magic user increases in level he gains access to higher level spells, at 2nd level he gains access to 2nd level spells, and at 3rd level access to 3rd level spells etc.

A magic user is limited to knowing no more spells than his Intelligence score. Once learned, they are with him forever. He can cast spells he hasn’t memorized if he has access to a scroll, spell book, or his laboratory. However casting a spell from a scroll, book, or his laboratory has a 2/3 chance of unwittingly unleashing dangerous magic that will destroy the scroll, spell book or the laboratory in the process, the chance can be reduced by 1 for each additional round and Intelligence Point spent to cast the spell.

A magic user can cast any magic user spell known by spending an Intelligence Point, or a Willpower Point if he has no Intelligence Points left. After the Intelligence Point is spent, if the magic user has any Intelligence Points remaining his Intelligence is considered to have been taxed, if he has no Intelligence Points remaining then his Intelligence has been exhausted.

Abilities that are exhausted cannot be used, and any action that requires the ability score automatically fails. A Willpower Point can be spent either to allow for a successful casting or automatic success on a single action as normal.

Eight hours of rest and two meals are required to restore an exhausted ability. Each hour of rest restores 1 lost Ability Point to a taxed ability.

Spell list.
First level spells: cause/remove fear, charm, comprehend languages, detect evil, detect magic, feather fall, hold portal, identify, magic box, magic lantern, magic missile, predict weather, protection from good/evil, read magic, resist cold, shield, sleep, unseen servant, and ventriloquism

Second level spells
continual light, darkness, detect invisible, ESP, find familiar, invisibility, knock, levitate, locate object, mirror image, magic mouth, phantasmal force, summon monster, web and wizard lock.

Third level spells
clairvoyance, create air, circle of protection vs. good/evil,, dispel magic, fireball, fly, haste, hold person, infravision, invisibility sphere, lightning bolt, protection from missiles, tongues, wall of ice, and water breathing

Fourth level spells
confusion, dimension door, dominate, hallucinatory terrain, ice storm, mass morph, plant growth, polymorph other, polymorph self, remove curse, wall of fire, wizard eye

Fifth level spells
animate dead, cloud kill, conjure elemental, contact outer plane, dissolve, feeblemind, hold monster, magic jar, passwall, telekinesis, teleport, wall of stone, and wood form

Sixth level spells
anti-magic shell, disintegrate, geas, invisible stalker, lower water, move earth, project image,
reincarnate, stone to flesh/flesh to stone, wall of iron, and weather control

Seventh level spells
charm plants, create normal monsters, delayed blast fireball, iron form, lore, magic door, magic sword, mass invisibility, power word deafen, power word disable, power word fatigue, power word sicken, power word stun, reverse gravity, statue, summon any object, teleport any object

Eighth level spells
clone, create magical monsters, dance, explosive cloud, force field, magical travel, mass charm, mind barrier, permanence, polymorph any object, power word blind, power word petrify, power word weaken, symbol

Ninth level spells
Contingency, cure-all, gate, immunity, maze, power word kill, prismatic wall, timestop and wish.

At 5th level, a wizard can forgo acquiring 5th level spells to gain a version of the Hide in Plain sight ability. Once per turn if you do nothing else you may hide in plain sight. You are effectively hidden even if you are in the open without any cover. Hide in plain sight only works as long as you are not encumbered, and neither your Intelligence or Willpower has become exhausted. This action is resolved during the spell phase of combat instead of the interaction phase.

At 6th level, a wizard can forgo acquiring 6th level spells to gain the Silver Tongue ability. Once per turn, you can charm, lie, or persuade a single living creature that can understand you to do or believe anything you wish as long as they have less hit dice than you do, and neither your Intelligence or Willpower has become exhausted. This action is resolved during the spell phase of combat instead of the interaction phase.

At 7th level, a wizard can forgo acquiring 7th level spells to gain increase his Willpower score by +2, or gain 1 permanent Aura point which allows him to keep his aura sight, mage sight, and arcane sense abilities active at all times or increase his memory such that he can learn ten more spells.

At 8th level, a wizard can forgo acquiring 8th level spells to gain a call forth an aberration, demon, or devil to serve as a familiar. The creature is bound to his will and if slain can be restored in a costly ritual that requires three nights of dedicated spell casting each night of which completely exhausts the casters Intelligence and the sacrifice of seven bulls, five horses, a chicken, and three (foxes for an aberration) or three pigs (for a demon), or three goats (for a devil). The recipe varies depending on the origin of the familiar.

At 9th level wizard can construct a tower, and attract 3 to 27 apprentices, magical talking companions, and even a sorcerer or sorceress if they’re particularly infamous.

Titles by Level
1. Apprentice
2. Adept
3. Magician
4. Mage
5. Illusionist
6. Enchanter
7. Thaumaturge
8. Conjurer
9. Wizard

Magic User

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