Common Currencies
Copper piece = 1/100 of a gp
Silver piece = 1/8 of a gp
Electrum piece 1/3 of a gp
Gold piece = 1 gp

Going Rate For 1 Coin Weight Worth of Selected Minerals
(actual price can vary up to ten times listed price).
Silicate Glass 1/100 of a gp (comes in many different colors, colorless glass is a luxury good)
Obsidian 1/10 of a gp (includes many different varieties such as black, green, rainbow, red, and snowflake, some types of obsidian can be used as a spell component)
Chalcedony 1/5 of a gp (includes bloodstone, carnelian, and onyx)
Impure Quartz (amethyst, citrine, milky, rose, and smokey) 1/2 of a gp
Pearl = 1 gp
Emerald = 2 gp
Ruby/Sapphire = 5 gp
Diamond = 10 gp (diamond dust is a common spell component that can substitute for Intelligence Points)
Pure Quartz Crystal = 20 gp (pure quartz naturally reacts to the presence of magical auras by glowing, and when used as a spell component can substitute for Willpower points).

Note: You gain 1 XP for every 1 gp spent.


Up to 400cn = 40 feet/round
401 to 800 cn = 30 feet/round
801 to 1200 cn = 20 feet/round
1201 to 1600 cn = 10 feet/round
1601 to 2400 cn = 5 feet/round
2401+……can’t move

Light Armor

  • Leather Armor…. reduces your AC by 1, and has 3 durability points. Weighs 200cn. 20 gp
  • Coat of Jacks…. reduces your AC by 2, and has 5 durability points. Weighs 150cn. 40 gp

Medium Armor

  • Lamellar Armor…. reduces your AC by 2, and has 6 durability points. Weighs 400cn. 60 gp
  • Laminar Armor…. reduces your AC by 3, and has 9 durability points. Weighs 500cn. 120 gp

Heavy Armor

  • Plate armor…. reduces your AC by 4, and has 10 durability points. Weighs 650cn. 250 gp
  • Cataphract armor…. AC – 5, and has 20 durability points. Weighs 775cn. 500 gp


  • Buckler…doesn’t require a hand, has two Shield Points that can only be used to negate hits but not critical hits. Once buckler is out of Shield Points it breaks. Cost 3 gp, weighs 60cn
  • Regular Shield…requires one hand, has four Shield Points that can only be used to negate hits but not critical hits. Once shield is out of Shield Points it breaks. Cost 5 gp, weighs 100cn
  • Large Shield…requires two hands, has six Shield Points that can only be used to negate hits but not critical hits. Once shield is out of Shield Points it breaks. Cost 10 gp, weighs 200cn

Imperial One Handed Melee Weapons

  • athame/ritual dagger…1d3 damage, cost 2 gp, weighs 10cn
  • jambiya/dagger…1d3+1 damage, cost 5 gp, weighs 10cn
  • katar/punch dagger…1d4 damage, cost 3 gp, weighs 10cn
  • sickle…1d6 damage, cost 5 gp, and weighs 20cn
  • sword, cutlass…1d8 damage, cost 10 gp, weighs 60cn
  • sword, short…1d6 damage, cost 7gp, weighs 30cn
  • whip…no damage but the target loses a Willpower Point. cost 10 gp, weighs 100cn

Note: Unarmed attacks (punches or kicks) deal 1 point of damage.

Imperial Two Handed Melee Weapons

  • spear…2d6 damage, can strike enemies up to 10 feet away, cost 7 gp, weighs 80cn
  • scythe…2d4+4 damage, cost 10gp, and weighs 100cn
  • sword, great scimitar…2d8 damage, costs 15 gp, and weighs 100cn

Imperial Missile Weapons

  • blowgun… no damage, used to deliver poisons, cost 1 gp, weigh 10cn
  • bow, short…1d6 damage, cost 25 gp, weighs 20cn
  • crossbow, hand…1d6 damage, cost 50 gp, and weighs 15 cn
  • flintlock, pistol…2d8-2 damage to all targets within 10 feet, 2d8-4 at 11to 20 feet, and 2d8-8 at 21 to 30+ feet, requires 1 action to reload, cost 250 gp, and 1 gp per starfire ruby shot, and weighs 20cn
  • net… no damage, can entangle targets who lose their ability to take move actions until they free themselves, which requires a melee attacks that deal a total of 9 damage; cost 4 gp, and weigh 40cn


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