Prime Requisites: Dexterity, Intelligence
Requirements: Dexterity 12+ and Intelligence 12+
Hit Dice d6
Save: As a thief
Advance: As a fighter
Maximum level 9

The ruling houses of the Empire have employed assassin guilds for centuries. However in an attempt to quash the recent unrest, the ruling body of the Empire, the Imperial Instrumentality have arranged for massive crackdowns on all registered assassins, resulting in their round up and arrest. A few managed to go underground and avoid the purges and pogroms but the vast majority have been loaded aboard prison ships and sent to the farthest corners of the Known World.

You are one such assassin. Only your prison ship sank, and you washed ashore wearing torn and ruined clothes that may have once been quite fine. The first order of business is finding a weapon, perhaps one of the guards survived. You can snap their neck, and take their weapon.

Restrictions: Assassins use a six-sided die for hit points (d6). They can use any missile weapons, any one-handed melee weapons, and light armor. They are not proficient in the use of shields.

Special Abilities: All assassins are trained in the arts of swift and silent murder. When an assassin successfully attacks an opponent by surprise (either due to a surprise roll, or as a result of using his hide in plain sight or move silently ability), he inflicts extra damage equal to his own Hit Dice. Assassination attempts may only be performed with short-bladed melee weapons (daggers, knives or short swords), blowguns, hand crossbows, unarmed attacks, or short bows, and are only effective against targets with a perceptible weak-point, such as the heart, throat or brain of a humanoid. Additionally, like any other character the assassin can spend a Strength Point to inflict +1d6 damage, if they have any Strength Points available.

Assassins can also gain bonus XP equal to twice the normal XP value of a creature that they have been contracted to assassinate. They gain this XP only if their assassination attempt is successful and the creature dies during the same turn as the assassin’s attack. The creature cannot have been attacked by anyone else during the same day or the assassin will not receive the XP bonus.

At first level, and every subsequent assassin level an assassin who rolls his hit die gets a result of 5 or less gains a special ability from the following list:
5. You gain the ability climb sheer and slippery surfaces flawlessly. Each additional time you gain this result you may increase your jump distance by 2 feet. If you fall less than your total jump distance you take no damage.
4. You gain the called shot ability. You can spend 1 Intelligence or Perception Point and choose a specific body part on your target, if your attack roll exceeds its AC by 10 or more you strike the body part inflicting a debilitating injury that can blind, disarm, knock unconscious, slow or even deal critical damage as you wish. Each additional time you receive this result reduces the number you need to exceed the targets AC by 1.
3. The first time you roll this result you gain the move silently ability as long as you are not encumbered by more than 600 coins weight you never make a sound. The second time you roll this ability you gain the hide in plain sight ability, once per turn if you do nothing else you may hide in plain sight. You are effectively hidden even if you are in the open without any cover. This ability only works under the same conditions that move silently does.
2. You gain the ability to identify unknown poisons or drugs by their color, consistency and odor. Each additional time you get this result you gain immunity to a single poison of your choice.
1. You develop a method to assassinate a single monster that would not normally be eligible for assassination or become proficient in a specific signature weapon that normally can’t be used to assassinate a target.

At 3rd level, you gain the ability to spend a Dexterity Point to make an additional (melee or missile) attack once per round.

At 7th level you gain the ability to spend an Intelligence Point when making an assassination attempt to deal extra damage equal to your Intelligence score once per round.

At 9th level, you may assassinate the master of your order to attain his position and take command of the order. You may also establish a new secret lair. You attract between 9 and 72 bravos, murders, and killers that wish only to kill and die in your service.

Titles by Level
1. bravo
2. psycho
3. murderer
4. thug
5. killer
6. cutthroat
7. executioner
8. assassin
9. master assassin


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