Zakariya ibn Razzai

Convicted grave robber and budding death master


AC 12; 3 hp

Ability Scores (Points): Constitution 9, Dexterity 12 (2), Intelligence 15 (5), Perception 12 (2), Strength 7, and Willpower 13 (3)

Belongings: You are wearing a turban, a loin cloth, and a torn cloak. You managed to smuggle 50 gp worth of gems aboard the prison ship, treasures stolen from the graves that you robbed. You have two rubies, two diamonds, and a pure quartz crystal that glows in the presence of magic.

Class Features: At 1st level death masters gain an additional reward each time they steal a corpse. The reward is XP equal to the half XP value of the creature stolen. They also full XP for burying a body of an intelligent humanoid with its possessions intact. If they later steal the body or allow it to be reanimated or stolen they lose half the XP that they gained from burying it. The death master can construct a laboratory, this requires 300 gp worth of materials. While inside his laboratory, a death master can cast spells by using material components worth 10 gp per spell level instead of spending an Intelligence Point.

You also have the death mastery ability to enslave a single undead creature by spending a Willpower Point as long as the creature’s Willpower does not exceed your own. Each time you roll this result, you increase the number of undead you can enslave by 1. The undead are enslaved until you release them, they are destroyed or some other magic breaks the magical compulsion. A death master is limited to enslaving a total number of undead creatures equal to his Willpower score.

Saves: Death/Poison 13, Magic Wand 14, Paralysis/Petrify 13, Breath Weapon 16, Rod/Staff/Spell 15

Spells: You know the detect undead, protection from evil, reanimate zombie, and transfer wound spells. You can learn a total eleven more spells.

XP 10


Zakariya ibn Razzai

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