Yuzeed abdul Al-hazred

Shipwrecked cultist who has renewed his pact with Al-hazred


AC 11; hp 2

Ability Scores (Points): Constitution 11 (1), Dexterity 11 (1), Intelligence 7, Perception 12 (2), Strength 10, and Willpower 14 (4).

Belongings: Yuzeed’s patron Al-hazred has bestowed a Chime of Time upon him as the focus of their pact. This simple metal chime can be commanded to keep track of time. It will sound every hour until commanded to stop, and can be clearly heard within a 60’ radius. If the chime is in a Silence 15’ Radius spell when it is time to chime, it will automatically dispel the spell as it chimes. The chime can also be used like a sand- timer. If commanded, it will slowly change color from one end to the other taking exactly one hour to do so.

Class Features: Each cultist has dedicated themselves to the service of one or more patrons. They have sworn a pact with the patron entity grants them the ability to call on lesser servitor creatures from the Outer Dark (aberrations) such as those that serve Al-hazred. Each time a pact is sworn the patron bestows a focus item on the cultist, this item is usually also a magical wondrous item, magical weapon or rarely a magical armor. The pact can be broken at any time by the loss or destruction of the focus item which must be carried or worn by the cultist whenever he wishes to summon a servitor as well as in plain view when he attempts to command it.

A cultist can summon a servitor once a day per level he has as long as his Willpower is not exhausted. Once summoned a servitor creature is wild and uncontrolled unless the cultist succeeds on a command check as a spell casting action. Command checks require the cultist to spend 1 Willpower Point and roll a d20 with a bonus equal to the cultists level. The difficulty of the command check is equal to 10 + the current hit points of the servitor creature. If they fail this roll, the servitor creature remains uncontrolled acting as another monster under the DM’s control and the cultist gains a disfavor point from his patron. Disfavor points add to the difficulty of all command checks and when they equal or exceed the cultists Willpower score, their patron shows its disfavor by causing something bad to happen to the cultist, usually something that inflicts between 1-10 damage and reduces the total disfavor by ten. Disfavor can also be reduced by 1 point for each day the cultist makes offerings worth at least ten times his level in gold to appease his patron.

Once the servitor has been successfully commanded, it can fight for the cultist or even be sacrificed to heal the cultist and each his companions who partake of its flesh. They gain hit points equal to the hp lost by the servitor.

Saves: Death/Poison 11, Magic Wand 12, Paralysis/Petrify 14, Breath Weapon 16, Rod/Staff/Spell 15

XP: 0


If someone should play Yuzeed, please use your imagination to come up with what exactly the pact with Al-hazred requires him to do. I’ve come up with four possible pacts, just roll a d4 or pick one.

  1. Never let his body touch salt water again.
  2. Never clean, groom or wash his body again.
  3. Sacrifice one natural animal to Al-hazred each night of the full moon.
  4. Transcribe all that he hears from now until the end of his life.

Each day he fails to fulfill his pact he suffers 1 disfavor point.

Yuzeed abdul Al-hazred

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