Ubnox the Telepath, Converted Mind Slaver


AC 9; 3HD*** (4 dp, 19 hp).
Death/Poison 13, Wand 14, Paralyze/Petrify 13, Breath 16, Spell 14
+5 Weapon Mastery: Magic Emerald Sword 1d10 damage, lets the wielder spend Intelligence Points to increase their sword mastery for a single round at a 1:1 ratio also glows green when pointed in the direction of an intelligent mind i.e. int 11 or more.
Equipment: Parasite Armor, Potency 8 Green Psi Powder x2 doses, Potency 9 Red Psi Powder x1 dose, and a Telepathic Lens +1
Special Abilities: Blinded by the Sun (must Save vs. Spell when in sunlight or be blinded for 3 rounds), Breathe Water, Infravision 60 ft, Psychokinesis, and Telepathy
CON 11, DEX 10, INT 12, PER 11, PSI 14, STR 12 WILL 15
XP 125

Psychokinesis: 1 Psi lets you lift or manipulate a small or tiny object or creature,
2 Psi let you lift or manipulate a medium sized object or creature (1 damage per level or levitate up to 20 feet/level into the air for up to an hour),
3 Psi lets you create barriers (4 × 4 feet, 3 dp per level that last until destroyed for 1 hour/level) or blasts of metal force (1d2 damage per level),
4 Psi let you lift or manipulate a large sized object or creature (1d3 damage per level or allow you to fly at 40 feet/round),

Telepathy: 1 Psi can establish a mind link (can do this for free with the lens),
2 Psi can scan a mind for specific information or detect minds within range giving you an automatic success to spot them,
3 Psi can issue a single command to a thinking creature,
4 Psi can convince onlookers with minds to ignore you,
5 Psi can enslave a single mind permanently as long as your Psi score beats its Willpower score


Ubnox is a green skinned Mindflayer that hunts the surface worlders by night hoping to acquire more thralls, especially intelligent thralls to harvest psi drugs from to raise its status with its peers. Ubnox is not fully mature and cannot produce brain slugs yet. It wears a parasite armor body suit, carries an emerald sword to assist in identifying intelligent foes to enslave, has three doses of psi drugs to tide itself over for a short hunting expedition, and a psychic lens to bolster its ability to ensnare the minds of its victims.

Ubnox is likely to be encountered near the inland lake or one of the many swamps. It speaks Duala, Gygaxian, and Pnakotic but can understand any language thanks to its telepathy. Ubnox flees if reduced to 9 hp or less, making use of its telepathy to cloud the minds of its pursuers or its psychokinesis to levitate out of reach.

Ubnox the Telepath, Converted Mind Slaver

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