Tufala the Wretch

A sick woman who suffers from the White plague


AC 11; 4 hp

Ability Scores (Points): Constitution 8, Dexterity 13 (3), Intelligence 10, Perception 11 (1), Strength 11 (1), and Willpower 14 (4).

Note: Characters with Constitution Scores of 9 or less recover no hp when they rest at 1st level, and only 1 hp when they spend 8 hours resting at 2nd level. Normally you can spend Constitution Points to heal but since you have none, you may substitute Willpower Points. Each Willpower Point spent restores 1 hp.

Belongings: blood and pus stained bandages, and stained torn slave clothes.

Class Features: Plague ridden are immune to all other diseases besides the plague that they suffer from.

Saves: Death/Poison 13, Magic Wand 14, Paralysis/Petrify 13, Breath Weapon 16, Rod/Staff/Spell 15

XP 200


Tufala the Wretch

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