AC 9; 3HD** (5 dp and 11 hp).
Death/Poison 9, Wand 10, Paralyze/Petrify 11, Breath 13, Spell 12
+3 Weapon Mastery: Headbutt 1d6, and Spear 2d6
Special Abilities: Curse (1/day they can bestow a curse on a single victim at less than full hp, if the victim fails her save she will be unable to level up instead slowly transforming into a snailman unless the curse is lifted), Shell (5 durability), Slow (they can only move once every other round, and can’t ever run), Vulnerable to Salt (take 1d10 automatic damage from crossing a line of salt, or 1d6 damage from a coin weight worth of thrown salt that hits them, they also take 1d8 damage each round from immersion in salt water).
CON 15, DEX 10, INT 11, PER 14, STR 12 WILL 13
XP 65


Snailmen hail from the cursed colony of Halluzuni on the South West peninsula of the island. The inhabitants have twisted into their current form as they’re skeletons dissolved and their skin grew translucent. The pirates on the other side of the harbor avoid Halluzuni at all costs for it is said that attacking the Halluzunian’s will only spread the curse to the attacker. None of the Mungo pirates knows what caused the curse.

Snailmen speak either Aklo or Dualla, depending if they were one of the original inhabitants of the colony or a pirate that succumb to the curse.


Shipwrecked on Skull Island mrlost