Rashad abu Akbar

Shipwrecked veteran of the Empire, who wishes to return to his son Akbar


AC 8; 5 dp, 6 hp
Ability Scores (Points): Constitution 11 (1), Dexterity 17 (7), Intelligence 9, Perception 10, Strength 14 (4), and Willpower 10

Belongings: a two handed great scimitar (2d8 damage), a short bow (1d6/range 50/100/150), a quiver of 5 arrows, a buckler shield (2 shield points, each can negate one hit but not a critical hit, if all the points are used the buckler breaks), a coat of jacks (-2 AC/5 dp), and two weeks worth of smoked rations (will last 2 months), three rings each worth 10 gp, a holy symbol necklace, a spare set of high quality clothes, a pair of fancy boots, two flasks of lamp oil, an empty water skin, and tinder box in a water proof sack.

Class Features: A fighter is an incomparable warrior that can always spend a Dexterity Point to make an additional melee or missile attack once each round, if they have no Dexterity Points remaining the can substitute Willpower Points. Additionally, every time a fighter consecutively misses the same target twice in a row their weapon mastery with whatever weapon they are using increases by +1. Finally, fighters are inspirational figures on the battlefield, as long as none of the fighter’s abilities are exhausted, all of the fighters companions or followers gain a +2 bonus to Morale checks. This bonus is cumulative for each fighter on the battlefield.

Additionally, as long as Rashad still has Strength Points, once per round he can maximize the damage rolled on any one d4.

Saves: Death/Poison 12, Magic Wand 13, Paralysis/Petrify 14, Breath Weapon 15, Rod/Staff/Spell 16

XP 0


Rashad abu Akbar

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