Lucanther Hape, pirate king

The captain of the Sea Reaver


AC 13; 4 dp, 39 hp

Ability Scores (Points): Constitution 11 (1), Dexterity 13 (3), Intelligence 10, Perception 11 (1), Strength 7, and Willpower 9

Class features: Juryrigging, Luck (1/day), Marlinspike, and Sea Lore. No ship captained by Lucanther will ever flounder.

Equipment: Aqualonian armored clothing, ring of protection, sabre of the seeker (1d10, wm +11), fine clothing, and between seven and ten thousand gold pieces stashed on various islands around the sea of Plunder.

Note: Hape commands a fleet of five pirate ships, including his flag ship the Sea Reaver.


Lucanther Hape, pirate king

Shipwrecked on Skull Island mrlost