AC 3; 6HD* (24 hp).
Death/Poison 8, Wand 8, Paralyze/Petrify 9, Breath 11, Spell 10
+6 Weapon Mastery: two pincer attacks each round, 1d6 on a hit, the target must make Strength roll with a difficulty equal to the Goatscorpion’s Strength score. If failed, the Goatscorpion grabs the target and makes a second pincer attack. If the target is still grabbed at the start of the Goatscorpion’s next turn, it gains a free stinger attack.
Special Abilities: Grab (see above), Stinger 1d6 +1d6 poison damage per selfless act performed by the victim in the last week (max 10d6). Vulnerable to Cold (takes +1d6 extra damage from cold attacks). Many goatscorpions take half damage from fire, lava, and the like.
CON 14, DEX 12, INT 4, PER 9, STR 15 WILL 12
XP 666


Six foot long from pincer to stinger giant scorpion with the head of a four eyed goat.


Shipwrecked on Skull Island mrlost