Gheisari the Beggar


AC 13; 1 hp

Ability Scores (Points): Constitution 11 (1), Dexterity 14 (4), Intelligence 9, Perception 13 (3), Strength 12(2), and Willpower 11 (1)

Belongings: When you escaped the sinking ship you stole a jambiya/dagger…1d3+1 damage, worth 5 gp that weighs 10cn i.e. 1 pound, you also took a single pearl, and a buckler shield (which straps to you arm and so doesn’t require a hand, has 2 Shield points that can only be used to negate hits but not critical hits. Once buckler is out of Shield points it breaks). You also are wearing a turban and a loin cloth.

Class Features: Thieves can flawless pick pockets and cut purses succeeding automatically as long as their Dexterity is not exhausted and their Dexterity score exceeds the target’s Perception score. If the target’s Perception exceeds their Dexterity they must spend Dexterity points to make up the difference in order to remain undetected. Thieves are also trained to have superb situational awareness, as long as their Perception is not exhausted they cannot be surprised and they automatically hear approaching enemies unless those enemies are moving silently in which case the thief is aware that someone is sneaking up on them but nothing more than that can be discerned without spending a Perception point.

You have studied the weak points of the human body and are adept at back stabbing humans who aren’t defending against you. As long as the human is not aware of you or has just attacked someone else you may attempt to back stab them. You gain a +2 bonus to hit, and if you hit, you deal double damage.

Saves: Death/Poison 13, Magic Wand 14, Paralysis/Petrify 13, Breath Weapon 16, Rod/Staff/Spell 15

XP 200


Gheisari the Beggar

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