Ershurgal, the Necromancer

Necromancer of Al-Khaimah


AC 14; 4 dp, hp 15

Ability Scores (Points): Constitution 6, Dexterity 9, Intelligence 17 (7), Perception 12 (2), Strength 10, and Willpower 15 (5)

Class features: Death mastery x2, speak with dead x2, spells known: comprehend languages, death armor, dispel magic, false life, feign death, identify, magic jar, mummification, ray of enfeeblement, reanimate zombies, shield, sleep, transfer injury (5 hp), and unseen servant.

Enslaved undead: two mummies (4 wm), and four zombies (2 wm).

Equipment: two 300 gp laboratories (one in Al-Khaimah, and one in the jungle), aqualonian armored clothing, scythe (wm +5), ring of protection, and two heads of demon rum.


Ershurgal, the Necromancer

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