Devil Lizard


AC 12; 3HD** (14 hp).
Death/Poison 5, Wand 12, Paralyze/Petrify 13, Breath 14, Spell 15
+3 Weapon Mastery: bite 1d8
Special Ability: Fast Movement +10, Regeneration 1 hp/round (during interaction phase)
CON 10, DEX 12, INT 4, PER 12, STR 12 WILL 9
XP 55


A devil lizard is a bipedal reptilian creature that stands about five-feet tall and weighs around 2200 pounds. Its clawed digits sport sharp talons and a row of spines rises from the top of its head down to the middle of its back. Its mottled scaley skin is dark green tufts of blood red or crimson feathers emerging from its shoulders and down its back.

Devil lizards have a reputation for being difficult to kill without using arcane or occult methods and the superstitions vary toward the details of how exactly to prevent one from coming back to life. As such, it is a taboo to eat one, lest its dead flesh regenerate inside your gullet, and the beast tear its way out of your insides. Devil lizards are also very fast.

The pirates of al-Khaimah report seeing the occasional devil lizard that could also breathe fire.

Devil Lizard

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