Countess Serafina Numidea, pirate captain

Captain of the Green Lady


AC 11; 5 dp, 26 hp

Ability Scores (Points): Constitution 12 (1), Dexterity 13 (3), Intelligence 13 (3), Perception 15 (5) (1), Strength 6, and Willpower 11 (1)

Class features: Extra Attacks (Dex or Per), Luck (3/day), and Sea Lore. No ship captained by Serafina will ever flounder.

Equipment: Coat of Jacks, cutlass (wm +5), five flintlock pistols (wm +6), bandolier of starfire ruby dust, fancy clothes,

Note: Serafina commands a single ship, she is also considered the government in exile of the homeland of the Mungo pirates and can often rely on their assistance.


Countess Serafina Numidea, pirate captain

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