Shipwrecked on Skull Island

Naked except for a cow bell...

More cowbell!

So the fighter and the thief met a naked prisoner that had survived the shipwreck with only a bell at the ruined tower by the lake. They proceeded to assist the prisoner, whose name was Yuzeed abdul Al-hazred. They helped Yuzeed steal a 40 pound ruby (worth 2,000 gp) from the tower and take it into the lake bed revealed by the psychic force. Yuzeed proceeded to explore a cave that would have been underwater had the lake waters not been parted by the psychic force emanating from the tower.

The fighter’s concentration slipped however when he and the thief discovered a trio of red apes that appeared to be addicted to the red powder entering the tower and proceeding to its top. The fighter and the thief ended up jumping out the window to escape.

They met up with the naked prisoner, and headed away from the tower encountering a grave as they did so, and looted it for a deadmans boots for Yuzeed, and headed back to the lake to water up. There they found evidence that a burial ceremony had been abandoned by a tribe of locals, who were hiding just out of sight in the tree line. The three castaways decided to sneak away rather than risk open conflict.

They ran afoul of a devil lizard, and managed to kill it somehow.

They made a trip back to the site where they had killed the three pirates to get more clothes for Yuzeed and recover Rashad abu Akbar, the fighter’s lost arrows, of which he was able to find 2. They then headed back to the shore where they had washed up to tell the others where to find freshwater only to discover that the forecastle had washed up.



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