Shipwrecked on Skull Island

Horrible monster from beyond time, I choose you!

Summoning for fun and profit

So this week, the thief, the fighter, and the cultist were joined by the witch hunter from the first session. They set about cooking the dead devil lizard, and distributing it to the castaways who have spread out around a six or seven mile area. The strong and well equipped former crew have taken control of the remains of the shipwrecked forecastle, while the weak and sick plague ridden have been forced to take shelter near the tree line of the jungle, with everyone else camped out in between their distance from the two camps determined by their relative health and fitness.

The cultist spotted a group of sharkmen riding sharks heading toward the shore and sounded the alarm, various survivors prepared a defense or ran for the hills while the PCs attacked the sharkmen and with the help of a summoned giant crabmonster servitor from beyond time that the cultist brought forth from the Outer Dark which slaughtered everything it could get its claws on before the assembled might of the PCs overcame it.

The PCs proceeded to harvest crabmeat and shell from the beast before making preparations to head south along the shore. The witch hunter also recovered a cursed magic item, a golden clam shell idol that has an 80% chance to call forth devastating storms, conversely it has a 13% chance to call lightning down on a specific target three times per week.

The PCs also used whips to enslave a trio of castaways to help carry their stuff, however after traveling south for a day they attempted to use the cursed idol to attract the attention of a passing canoe but instead summoned a hurricane that lasted 14 hours and carried off all three of the hirelings and destroyed the canoe. The cultist summoned a White Ape to carry his stuff, and they continued south.

Where they encountered another group of Sharkmen that pursued them for six hours before they lost them in the jungle. The cultist attempted to summon another servitor and got a slimy skeleton that could emit a disorienting song, the skeleton broke free of the cultists control and attacked the thief only to be slain. The cultist then summoned up a brain spider that was riding the zombie of a dead noblewoman to again carry his stuff.

The PCs then spotted an incoming storm and decided to hide out in a crashed floating disc that contained six pure quartz crystals worth 160 gp each (960 gp total).



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