Shipwrecked on Skull Island

Go to Sea No More...

En Guarde You Fiend!

So last weeks session was moved from Wednesday to Monday due to unexpected freelance work (YAY!) anyway our castaways were in the pirate town of Al-Khaimah where they were throwing back to back huge parties as an excuse to spend a lot of gold and pieces of eight to get bonus XP.

Every 8 silver or 1 gold spent gives the spender 1 XP.

Anyway at Yuzeed’s party, a horrible plague victim played by our friend Katie Limon (she rolled really poorly for scores and couldn’t meet the requisites for any other class) snuck in to sample the expensive food, and Yuzeed offended the pirate king Lucanther Hape who challenged him to a duel, Yuzeed accepted on the condition that his champion, Rashad abu Akbar, fight in his stead.

The pirate king Hape provided magical epees for the two to fight with.

Rashad and Yuzeed fenced by moonlight to first wounding (half hit points). Rashad proved himself in battle, dodging and parrying every attack until he ran out of Dexterity points but when Lucather Hape finally landed a blow it so badly injured abu Akbar that he was reduced to just above half hp. The impressed pirate king conceded the duel and awarded Rashad a chest full of treasure, having no interest in killing a stranger over a tiny insult, but Hape did get the magic sword he had loaned Rashad back.

For defeating a 9th level combatant, the 2nd level Rashad abu Akbar received 900 XP. His weapon mastery with swords also increased as he was unable to land a strike upon the pirate king Lucanther.



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